The most important SECRET to learn a Language

Everyone would like to find out the secrets of language learning.

What is the most useful trick? Which is the fastest way to learn? What can you do to ensure your success? Why do some people seem to learn languages easily and quickly while others can not do it at all?

There are plenty of techniques and tricks to learn languages, many are very useful, but the secret is not related to them. After learning Spanish from scratch in just over a year and teach English for two years, I have clear in mind which is the secret. It is not a specific method or trick. It is very easy to put in practice and it is generally free of charge.

Are you curious?

The secret is  … HAVING FUN!

learn a language having fun

If you enjoy the learning process you are very close to the victory.

So, you have to consider if what you are currently doing to learn is funny. If it is not, believe me, you won’t get to achieve your learning goals. You must find a way to learn a language which is funny for you. Even if you are really motivated in improving your language skills at some point you will find it hard or boring and that’s why you need to award yourself by playing and having fun.

You need to realise that a fun job is not an utopy. So, what you need to do is searching for and trying out different learning methods and adopt the one you feel better for you. But pay attention! What I’ve just said doesn’t mean you have to focus on just one side of language learning, such us reading, speaking or writing.

For instance there are different ways to improve your pronunciation. You could read a book, chat with native speakers, pay for a teacher or watch videos and movies. Every single activity has its pros and cons. If you go for the language exchange you will probably experience a dynamic learning method which could be kind of unstructured sometimes.

What I want to say is that if you like and enjoy something you won’t be bored of  it. Most likely the right choice would be a combination of different method and activities.

See you later!






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One comment on “The most important SECRET to learn a Language
  1. said seif mkamba says:

    It is true that we get a lot of vocabulary,,,,but how can I know to pronounce the words I get from new language? please help me because this is my only big problem.

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