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once again I’m struggling in my kitchen thinking of a good option to make my dinner marvellous. Last year I spent my summer holidays in Valencia and I keep remember an amazing Paella I had there. Despite of the good taste of this Spanish recipe I’ve never tried to prepare it at home because I didn’t consider my self ready to give it a try.  But today, guys, I feel in the right mood to share with you all the secrets to make an unforgettable paella!


paella recipe


Paella is a typical dish from Valencia but nowadays it is considered the most typical Spanish recipe. It takes the name from the tool you need to use for preparing it which is a kind of big pan with two handles. There are different variations on the classic “paella” but for today we will stick to the proper one.

INGREDIENTS FOR 4-6 PERSONS (Ingredientes para 4 personas)

- 7 Espresso cups of rice (7 tacitas de café lleanas de arroz)

- 3 garlic cloves (3 dientes de ajo)

- 3 red and mature tomatoes (3 tomates rojos maduros)

- 1/2 glass of olive oil (1/2 vaso de aceite de oliva)

- 1/2 sliced rabbit or chicken (1/2 conejo o 1/2 pollo troceados)

- 150 grams of boiled peas (150 gramos de guisantes cocidos)

- 6 medium size crayfishes  (6 cigalas no muy grandes)

- 6 shrimp (6 langostinos)

- 150 grams of cut squid (150 gramos de calamares cortados en rodajas)

- 250 grams of mussels (250 gramos de mejillones)

- 250 grams of clams (250 gramos de almejas)

- Saffron or yellow seasoning (Azafrán o condimento amarillo)

- Salt (Sal)

METHOD (Preparación)

- In a paella pan, heat the olive oil on medium high heat. (Poner una paella al fuego y echar el aceite)

- When hot add the diced tomatoes and minced garlic. (Cuando esté caliente añadir tomates rallados y los ajos bien picados)

- Add the sliced meat. (A continuación echar los trozos de carne)

- This is the moment to add the rice and mix well with a wooden spoon, then add the peas and the squid. Mix again and add water (double of rice), add salt and saffron and allow high heat for 5 minutes. (Añadir entonces el arroz y lo mezclarlo todo bien con una cuchara de palo, a continuación añadir los guisantes, los calamares. Volver a mezclar y añadir el agua (el doble que de arroz), echar la sal y el azafrán y dejar a fuego fuerte durante 5 minutos)

- After this time, lower the heat and keep cooking for another 15 minutes. (Transcurrido este tiempo, bajar el fuego y mantener la cocción durante otros 15 minutos)

- When still have some broth, add the previously cooked clams and mussels and place the prawns and scampi over rice decorating. (Cuando todavía tenga algo de caldo, añadir las almejas y los mejillones, previamente cocidos y colocar las gambas y las cigalas encima del arroz adornándolo)

– When the rice is tender, remove from heat, let stand for 5 minutes and serve it in the same pan. (Cuando el arroz esté en su punto, apartar del fuego, dejar reposar durante unos 5 minutos y servir en la misma paella)


A good way to be sure that your paella will be amazing is cooking over regular and diffused heat. There are many tools that distribute the fire simply placing them on the gas stove. And remember when the rice starts boiling don’t mix it!


Enjoy you Paella and let me know how good it was.


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