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Hey guys,   today we offer you the opportunity to learn the name of some animals in Italian! The best way to learn them is to insert them in your personalized vocabulary and train them with our language games! Have fun while leraning!

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Best recipe to learn ITALIAN…. PIZZA!!

Hi guys,   I am sure you all know more or less how is made a pizza, but we all are much more familiar with the kind of pizza that from the fridge or freezer goes directly into the oven!

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Improve your Italian pronunciation with Pinocchio! Ep. 2

  Hi guys, here you have the second episode of the Italian podcast series on Pinocchio’s adventures!! Let’s how Maestro Ciliegia is doing with his piece of wood… Remember that you can find here the whole ebook and here the

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Fancy a weekend in Italy? Venice could be the right place to improve your Italian: the language of love!

Hi guys, Italy it’s a lovely place to holiday and Venice is a good option to practice your Italian. Do you want to know why? Nowadays Venice is one of the most visited city in the world. Talking about history you

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Let’s practice…ITALIAN!

Hi guys, let’s practice Italian today! Here you have a short dialogue: try to memorize as much as you can! IN METROPOLITANA / ON THE TUBE Marta – Ciao Claudia! Come stai? Marta – Hi Claudia! How is going? Claudia

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