Some Italian Phrases you should master perfectly. Learn Italian with 12speak!


Hi guys,

how are you today? I guess you are quite happy because it’s Friday.

Well, before starting to party I would like to help you in improving your Italian in case you’ll meet some nice Italian guys walking into a bar.


italian sentences in a bar


Here it is a short list of the minimum Italian Phrases you should master perfectly.


Ciao It means “Hello”. You can say “Ciao” when you meet or leave someone you know, it’s a very informal way to say hello to people.
Buongiorno It means “”Good morning” and of course you are allowed to say “Buongiorno” from the early morning until midday.  
Buonasera It means “Good evening” and you can use it from 6 pm until 9 pm. If you are leaving some friends and you want to wish them a good evening you can also say: “Buonaserata”. 
Buon pomeriggio It means “Good afternoon”. You can say “Buon Pomeriggio” from midday until 5 pm
Buonanotte It means “Good night” and it is usually used when someone is going to sleep.
Arrivederci  “Arrivederci” means “see you” and you can use it everytime you know you are going to see again a person.
Io mi chiamo If someone asks you “Come ti chiami?” which means “What’s your name” you should answer:”Io mi chiamo xxx”.
Quanti anni hai? Let’s someone asked you “come ti chiami?” and you answer “Io mi chiamo xxx” now it’s your turn to make a question such us:”Quanti anni hai?” which means “how old are you?”
Di dove sei? If you are speaking with a girl maybe it’s not really appropriated to ask “Quanti anni hai?” so you could opt for “Di dove sei?” which means “Where are you from?”
Scusami, sto imparando l’Italiano ma non parlo molto bene. The conversation starts to be difficult? If so you could say “Scusami, sto imparando l’Italiano ma non parlo molto bene” which means “Sorry, I’m learning Italian but I don’t speak really well”.
Scusami non ho capito la parola xxx Your interlocutor keeps speaking but you feel you missed a specific word to get the meaning of his/her question. You can simply say “Scusami non ho capito la parola xxx” which means “Sorry what xxx does it mean?”
Potresti scriverla su questo foglio? It means “Could you write it down for me?” People are happy to look smart and most will help you. So you can ask her/him to write down the word for you, smile and give the person a piece of paper.
Grazie mille, sei molto gentile “Thanks a lot, you are very kind” you”ll make the person really happy and delighted.

Today I feel surprisingly kind and I also recorded for you the real Italian pronunciation of these phrases. Listen to the podcast below and improve your Italian with 12speak!




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