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Let’s say you applied for a job in UK or in USA and you get an important job interview. Let’s also say that your English is good enough but you are not sure to have the right type of English for impressing your future boss. That’s why we want to provide you tips on job interview questions and answers in English.

You are waiting to be interviewed in the waiting room. All of a sudden, the secretary pronounces your surname in a weird way and invites you to enter the scary door. Keep calm, knock and walk in the room, introduce yourself, shake hands and smile. The first impression is very important.

Don’t be unprepared if the interviewer makes you a “breaking the ice” question such as:

– Was it difficult to get here?

– How are you today?

– Would you like something to drink?

This kind of questions are pretty common both in Britain and US to put the candidates at ease. Using a polite but simple language, answer the questions in one of these ways:

I’m fine thank you, and you?
I’m very well thank you, and you?

Now the job interview can officially start. Which should be your focus during the whole experience? Your  experiences and qualifications are the core part of your job interview, so be focused on them.

Your experience refers to any work you have done that is related to the job interview. It is very useful to explain your previous jobs in detail. In doing this don’t forget to use this simple mental scheme: task >> action >> results. In concrete, which tasks did you have? What did you do to accomplish them? Which results did you get? Don’t be modest and speak confidently, giving your interviewer practical examples. In doing so, you should use the following tenses:

  1. When talking about current employment use the present perfect or present perfect continuous. I.e: X Managment ltd have employed me for the last 4 years as a copywriter. 
I have been writing press releases for 1 year
  2. When talking about past employers use the past tenses to signal that you are no longer working for that company, for example:

 I was employed by X Managment ltd  from 2007 to 2008 as a copywriter. 
I worked as a blogger at the Guardian while I was living in London.


Speaking about your qualifications remember that they include your Education from High School on and any particular training you may have done in the past.

Speaking about education don’t forget that it took place in the past and you need to use the past tenses. I.e. I gained a degree in … I graduated in Italian Literature 2 years ago.

If you are a student you should say “I am currently studying at the University of London and will gain my degree in Italian Literature in the summer.”

Bear in mind to mention all the training you may have had and make sure to also mention your language studies.


Good luck my friend!


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