Free French podcast to improve your French pronunciation: Notre Dame de Paris

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I’m happy to announce our first free podcast in French. Today Mozane is going to read an abstract from “Notre Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo.


Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the most famous novels written by Victor Hugo. Published in 1831 when he was 29, Notre-Dame de Paris was the first great success of the French writer.

This book narrates the story of Quasimodo, the grotesque hunchback and bell-ringer of Notre-Dame who falls in love with the beautiful gipsy dancer Esmeralda. A love story doomed by injustice and hypocrisy.

Esmeralda’s beauty captures the heart of many other men like the Captain Phoebus and Claude Frollo, Archdeacon of Notre Dame and Quasimodo’s adoptive father. Claude Frollo, obsessed by Esmeralda, orders to the grotesque hunchback to kidnap her but Quasimodo is suddenly captured by Phoebus who saves her. Quasimodo is sentenced to be flogged on the pillory and when he calls for water, Esmeralda offers him a drink saving him. Later Frollo attemps to kill in jealosy Phoebus. Esmeralda is charged with the attempted murder of him and is tortured and sentenced to death by hanging. Quasimodo carries her off to the cathedral. Clopin, a street performer, rallies some criminals of Paris to charge the cathedral and rescue Esmeralda.

Frollo asks the king to remove Esmeralda’s right to sanctuary so she can be taken from the church and killed. When Quasimodo sees the criminals, he thinks they want to hurt Esmeralda, so he drives them off. Likewise, he assumes the King’s men want to rescue her, and helps them in finding her. She is rescued by Frollo but after another failure in attempting to win her love, Frollo hands her to the troops to be hanged.

When Frollo laughs during Esmeralda’s hanging, Quasimodo pushes him from the heights of Notre Dame to his death.


Here it is the abstract followed by the podcast to listen to and download.




Il y a aujourd’hui trois cent quarante-huit ans six mois et dix-neuf jours que les Parisiens s’éveillèrent au bruit de toutes les cloches sonnant à grande volée dans la triple enceinte de la Cité, de l’Université et de la Ville.

Ce n’est cependant pas un jour dont l’histoire ait gardé souvenir que le 6 janvier 1482. Rien de notable dans l’événement qui mettait ainsi en branle, dès le matin, les cloches et les bourgeois de Paris. Ce n’était ni un assaut de Picards ou de Bourguignons, ni une châsse menée en procession, ni une révolte d’écoliers dans la vigne de Laas, ni une entrée de notre- dit très redouté seigneur monsieur le roi, ni même une belle pendaison de larrons et de larronnesses à la Justice de Paris. Ce n’était pas non plus la survenue, si fréquente au quinzième siè- cle, de quelque ambassade chamarrée et empanachée.



Enojy Language Learning and many thanks to Mozane!




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