Learning a new language is a difficult task but it can be easier if you are motivated enough and if you stay focused on simple rules.


Language learning Motivational tips

The following 17 advices will clarify you how to get the most from your language learning efforts!


  A good vocabulary helps to solve a lot of misunderstandings. It is very important that you improve your vocabulary day by day using easy techniques like 12speak! Language Games.

 A good vocabulary doesn’t grant your conversational ability.

  Literal translation is not always the best option.

  Writing and listening have to be simultaneous activities. The right pronunciation of a word is fundamental to let people understand what you are saying.

5º  Your grammar skills are very important to write and to succeed in school but speaking imply something more.

  Speaking is the most difficult step. The more you practice the better.

  Don’t forget the idioms which are spoken sentences where the meaning is not obvious from the individual words used.

  Another gap you need to mind is the culture which is different from country to country.

  keep in mind that each language has its own syntactic structure.

10º You need to stay mentally agile not to think and speak according to your mother tongue rules.

11º  If you are Italian it would be easier to learn Spanish and French than German or English.

12º You should dedicate at least 5 hours a week to grammar and 5 hours to speaking or chatting.

13º If you don’t stay focused it is very easy to lose concentration and motivation.

14º Depending on the level of competence you want to achieve you should adopt a different combination of: method, time and economical resources.

15º It is very useful to plan your holidays accordingly the language you are learning.

16º When you are back keep practice your language chatting with native speakers.

17º Have fun while learning!


12speak! is a global language learning community serving its members an easy and fun way to learn a language in a playful online environment. 12speak! is connecting language learners with native speakers and providing a personalized language vocabulary to be trained with integrated and fun language games. 12speak! believes language learning can be fun and entertaining. Our goal is to provide an online environment where global language learners can meet, chat and practice their individual language skills and have fun learning languages. We provide a way to meet native speakers and learn a language naturally. We provide a way to manage your individual vocabulary and track your progress. We provide a way to train your vocabulary with entertaining language games. We want our members to have fun while learning! Your 12speak! team “Vocabulary games from 12speak! are an exciting way to improve my English online!” - Marina (12speak! member) “I enjoy chatting to native speakers from all over the world, I met a lot of French, German and Spanish native speakers online!” - Stefano (12speak! member) “12speak! gives me the opportunity to be on top of my vocabulary progress!” - Andrea (12speak! member)

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